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Projects in Art

29/04/2022 al 14/05/2022

Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Ca Lambert

Collective exhibition of students from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Miguel Hernández University in Altea.


Rebeca PLANA | Statement

29/04/2022 al 31/05/2022

Hora inicio: 20:00 - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Recoleto Creative

Abstraction in 21st century Valencian Art. The artwork by Rebeca Plana is noted for the energy and positivity which she reveals by means of a great combination of hot and cold colors which captivate the spectator, which create a special atmosphere where the visitor's emotions merge with the artist's energy.    


Sorolla en la Grava, el mar y el Muntanyar

17/04/2022, 01/05/2022

Hora inicio: 10:30 - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Joaquín Sorolla sculpture

Discover the paintings, lyrical colors, drawings, impressions and experiences which Joaquín Sorolla lived in the Xàbia town and coast by means of these cultural visits. Reservations and more information, David Gutiérrez, tel.: 646875014 (whatsapp) www.sorollajavea.wordpress.com  

Routen und Ausflüge 10€

ART BIRD Comunidad Internacional de Artistas

13/05/2022 al 21/06/2022

Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Isabel Bilbao Galeria

Art Bird es una libre agrupación de artistas, cuyo origen y base física se encuentra en Xàbia. Creaciones abstractas, figurativas, geométricas, conceptuales. Líneas, manchas, planos, proporciones, armonías, estructuras. Evocaciones que mutan una realidad aparente, arañando la materia, componiendo equilibrios y desequilibrios, orden o caos, deconstrucciones, rupturas. Frágiles límites. Viajes imaginarios. Espacios fantásticos. Un lenguaje singular que trasciende en una emoción visible. Una expresión de libertad donde se invita al espectador a una contemplación activa En esta ocasión, la exposición va a ocupar dos salas: la Casa del Cable , para todos los artistas participantes, e IB Isabel Bilbao Galería de Arte , para el equipo organizador: Andrés M. Lambert, Fuensanta Niñirola y Sol Moracho.  


Montgorock Xàbia Festival 2021

20/05/2022 al 21/05/2022

Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Av. Augusta

The 9th edition of Montgorock Xàbia Festival will be held on May 20 and 21 with performances by M-Clan, Quique González, Los Zigarros, Eva Rijlen and many more. Information and tickets: https://www.montgorock.es/

Musik Precio 45 € - 120€



Hora inicio: 10:00 - Hora fin: 20:00

Zone : Av. Jaume I

A wide variety of shops from different municipalities in the region of La Marina Alta will offer a large stock in fashion, sports, jewellery, furniture, household appliances, etc. In addition, there will be a children’s play area from 11:30 to 14h and from 17 to 20h.


Sorolla y el Arenal de Xàbia

28/05/2022, 12/06/2022

Hora inicio: 18:30 - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : "El Castillo" Building - Arenal

Discover Sorolla’s visits to Xàbia through David Gutiérrez, who introduces us to his paintings, the landscapes that inspired him, the light, the sea, the traditions and his people. Route in Spanish. Day 12th of June departure at 7pm. Prior registration required at telephone: 646 87 50 14.  

Routen und Ausflüge 10€

Handicraft's market

29/05/2022, 05/06/2022, 12/06/2022, 19/06/2022, 26/06/2022

Hora inicio: 11:00 - Hora fin: 14:00

Zone : Port Promenade

Every stall is offering something different and as all of them are real craft people. The artisans bring their tools along to make small changes or personalize a chosen item. They can even accept special orders if you don't find what you are looking for!


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