LOS COLORES DEL AGUA. Acuarelas de gran formato

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Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe

Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Hotel Sol de Jávea

13/06/2022 al 15/10/2022 /

“Los colores del agua” (“The colors of water”) is a tribute to the sea that bathes the Xàbia coasts. According to their creator, the exhibition, which is housed in the Hotel Sol in Jávea , “is designed to express the huge chromatic range that the sea provides to us depending on the moment and what it provokes in us”. However, their author goes beyond the sea as a natural eco-system and extrapolates it “as a reflection of the sky which represents the soul” and with the poetic line of the horizon as the barrier that unites and divides the sky and soul with each other.





Beatriz de Bartolomé admits that Xàbia transmits the need for her to paint: “The light and color of the marvelous coast have always been a great inspiration for me, as well as its sea, its sailboats, and even its smell. Everything forms the perfect combination that inspires me to capture on paper all the sensations of peace, harmony and calm which it transmits”.



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