Exhibition: "Pobladores d'art". Rural female artists from Marina Alta

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Zone : Soler Blasco Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum

23/02/2024 al 24/03/2024 /

"Pobladores d'art" (“Settlers of Art”) is founded on the collective need to know and recognize the female artists in the rural environment of Marina Alta, going beyond the established canons of tourism and mass media culture, which this area of the coast suffers but which is slowly dying in the mountains. For this reason, we place a central focus on our culture, roots and the reality that are experienced by the female artists from the district.



As female artists, we have joined to populate the entire territory with art, with a vindictive, transgressive and inclusive perspective, where we embrace both contemporary and traditional art. A symbiosis between modernity and a recovery of our roots.

This is why we want to create a space that does not exist; a place where women can conceive our art as it is: a means of expression as well as a job that must be dignified with visibility and real recognition.

With this project we declare "our will to create collective memory in the artistic/cultural field, to create awareness and reflection through change and experimentation as a channel for bodily, emotional and visual expression. Thus, we leave a transformative legacy where what is intangible will endure in our desire and love for our territory."

For us, art pulses like a heart that wishes to transport air and blood into every part of this land, water and mountain, this land of artists with a shining soul that explores the art that dwells in Marina Alta.

For this reason, our first intervention as a collective group is a multi-disciplinary exhibition, where we feature a sample of the artists that founded “Pobladoras de Arte”. A space where we try to stimulate the senses, with visual and sound experiences. On inauguration day, we shall also enjoy live music, performances, poetry and more surprises. Take note of the date February 23rd at 7:00 p.m., at the Soler Blasco Archaeological and Ethnological Museum in Jávea, which launches this artistic project.


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