Tres tramas y un camino

12/01/2018 al 11/02/2018 / Group Exhibit by the creative artists, Erica Landfors, Mónica Gómez and Susana García.


Surfing Championship

13/01/2018 al 14/01/2018, 20/01/2018 al 21/01/2018, 27/01/2018 al 28/01/2018 / Surf Championship during January.  Organized by: Surf Club and collaboration by Council of Sports.  (Depends on the weekend which has waves in January).

Sport Precio A determinar

Del devenir del día a día

12/01/2018 al 11/02/2018 / Group Exhibit by the creative artists, Mila Payá Saéz and Delia Diaz Padilla.


San Antonio Fair

06/01/2018 al 04/02/2018 / "Porrat i fira de sant Antoni" (Sant Antoni Fair and Festivity, separate program).


Parade in honour of San Antonio

14/01/2018 / Parade with animals from the Old Town to the Port and again to the Old Town to bless the animals in Plaza de la Constitución.


Handicraft market

14/01/2018, 21/01/2018, 28/01/2018, 04/02/2018, 11/02/2018, 18/02/2018, 25/02/2018 / Everything sold at this small fair is handmade: watercolors, leather combined with macramé, pottery, wooden toys and very original jewelry .. Sundays in the morning on the promenade.


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