Molly's game

01/02/2018 / Aaron Sorkin - Bio / Drama. English version films.

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Tres tramas y un camino

12/01/2018 al 11/02/2018 / Group Exhibit by the creative artists, Erica Landfors, Mónica Gómez and Susana García.


Del devenir del día a día

12/01/2018 al 11/02/2018 / Group Exhibit by the creative artists, Mila Payá Saéz and Delia Diaz Padilla.


San Antonio Fair

06/01/2018 al 04/02/2018 / "Porrat i fira de sant Antoni" (Sant Antoni Fair and Festivity, separate program).


Tres anuncios en las afueras

02/02/2018, 06/02/2018 al 08/02/2018 / Martin Mcdonagh. Comedy / drama. English version films.

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The Square

03/02/2018 / Robert Ostlund. Comedy. In spanish

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Handicraft market

14/01/2018, 21/01/2018, 28/01/2018, 04/02/2018, 11/02/2018, 18/02/2018, 25/02/2018 / Everything sold at this small fair is handmade: watercolors, leather combined with macramé, pottery, wooden toys and very original jewelry .. Sundays in the morning on the promenade.


The Square

04/02/2018 / Robert Ostlund. Comedy. In spanish

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The Square

05/02/2018 / Film by Robert Ostlund. Comedy. Original version with spanish subtitles.

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Pluja de contes

09/02/2018 / Armònica Bill. Storytelling for children

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Carnestoltes (Carnival)

10/02/2018 / Costume parade through the streets of the Old Town. Afterwards, we will dance with the band La Viva in the Plaza de la Constitution. Adults parade will be at 11pm.


Paddle Tennis District League Day

17/02/2018 / Organized by Council of Sports and CEMA. Collaboration by: Council of Education, Investigation, Culture and Sports.

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Jazz at the Parador

23/02/2018 / With “Randy Greer Quintet”. Tickets available in the Parador Hotel.

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Colors of Music Series: ópera "Il segreto di Susanna"

24/02/2018 / Susanna, recently wedded to Count Gil, fears to confess to her husband that she likes to smoke cigarettes when he is away from home. Gil notices a smell of tobacco in the house and it provokes his jealousy, since he thinks that she has a secret lover.

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29th Foot Race, 1st José Albi Memorial

25/02/2018 / First scoring event of the "22º Circuito a pie Marina Alta". 10km route. Organized by the  "Club d'Atletisme Llebeig" and collaboration by the Regidoria d’Esports (Sports Council).

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Children's crafts workshop

25/02/2018, 04/03/2018, 11/03/2018, 18/03/2018, 08/04/2018, 15/04/2018, 22/04/2018, 29/04/2018 / Every sunday on the Port promenade, the craftsman or woman will show children how to make articles by their own hands and how it differs from a similar massproduced.

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