Street shows

23/07/2018 al 29/07/2018

Hora inicio: 20:30 - Hora fin: 23:00

Zona: Paseo del Tenista David Ferrer

Loles Serrano with "Yolanda" and Rosi Cózar with "Cia Manuela Flores". Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Circ - Xàbia! A street theater circuit full of humor and fun for the whole family. You will also have a wonderful musical offer in the port of Xàbia (next to the Author Craft Fair).

Freizeit Voluntary donation

Thangka Expo Jávea

27/07/2018 al 12/08/2018

Hora inicio: Sin especificar - Hora fin: Sin especificar

Zona: Bodhi

Discover a rare collection of one of Nepal's most precious crafts. Join us to immerse yourself in the heart of traditional Thangka paintings. This exhibition presents a unique opportunity to appreciate some remarkable visual representations of the Buddhist philosophy. Contact: 653 12 49 34 - bodhijavea@gmail.com C/Virgen de Loreto, 26


Música a l'Estiu 2018


Hora inicio: 22:30 - Hora fin: Sin especificar

Zona: Pl. Església (Church Square)

Concierto de música de cámara II

Musik Precio Free

Atrás Adelante