01/02/2019 al 05/05/2019

Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Casa del Cable

Exhibition of Lucebert (Amsterdam, 1924 - Alkmaar, Netherlands, 1994) one of the most fascinating creative artists in Europe of the last seventy years, and a crucial figure in the rebirth of Dutch poetry after the Second World War. Exhibition organized by the IVAM. The exhibition will also have as headquarters l'Espai d'art A. Lambert and the exhibition hall of the Museum of Xàbia

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Nits de tinta. Un art de pesca singular

26/12/2018 al 28/02/2019

Hora inicio: 18:00 - Hora fin: 21:00

Zone : Fundació CIRNE

He compiles photographs by Jake Abbott and Felipe Escolano of his work of divulging a traditional fishing art, called "pesqueras". The photographic exhibition, which collects more than 100 snapshots, shows the tanned faces of the last fishermen. Open from Monday until Friday, from 6pm until 9pm


Theatre for children "El fabulós viatge de Christian Andersen"


Hora inicio: 17:30 - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Culture Centre

One day the little Christian Andersen meets Jonás, a character who will discover his great talent for inventing extraordinary stories and fables. Director: Julio Martí Zahonero. Performers: Juanfran Sáez, Roberto Costa Recommended age between 6 and 11 years. Ticket sales from 4:30 p.m. In valencian language.

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