Ten years of Xàbia in vignettes

17/05/2019 al 23/06/2019

Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Soler Blasco Archaeological and Ethnographical Museum

Drawings by Fernando Sala Soler where he reflects from his peculiar style and humour, the life of Xàbia for the last 10 years.

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Concert de Sant Joan


Hora inicio: 22:00 - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Pl. Església (Church Square)

By the Colla and Rondalla Portitxol. Organized by Grup Portitxol. Collaboration: Regidoria de Cultura - Ajuntament de Xàbia.

Musik free

Bull running

16/06/2019 al 19/06/2019

Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Av. Palmela Parking Facility

On 16, 17, 18 and 19 June, bull running events within the festivities of Fogueres 2019.


Viaje a la luna

08/06/2019 al 29/06/2019

Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Isabel Bilbao Galeria

On Saturday, June 8th, a new exhibition takes off under the motto "A TRIP TO THE MOON".  IB ISABEL BILBAO  Galería de Arte has extended an invitation to the ART BIRD International Artists Community, on the occasion of its exhibition at the Casa del Cable of Xàbia, hence twenty-one artists will be gathered in this themed group show working in a unique format of 40x40cm for the two-dimensional pieces of painting, photography, engraving and drawing; In addition, a single sculptor from Almeria, Safi (José Antonio Jiménez).


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