Pluja de Contes


Hora inicio: 17:30 - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Public Library Altstadt

Storytelling in valencian or spanish language.

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The musical Europe from the Renaissance to the Baroque. Classical Music


Hora inicio: 21:00 - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : San Bartolomé (St. Bartholomew) Church

Works by the composers Diego Ortiz, Gaspar Sanz, Tobias Hune, JS Bach and Marin Marais among others, performed by Jordi Savall (viola de gamba) and Xavier Díaz-Latorre (guitar, vihuela and tiorba). Tickets the same day in the House of Culture from 9am until 3:00 pm and from 4pm.

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01/02/2019 al 05/05/2019

Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Casa del Cable

Exhibition of Lucebert (Amsterdam, 1924 - Alkmaar, Netherlands, 1994) one of the most fascinating creative artists in Europe of the last seventy years, and a crucial figure in the rebirth of Dutch poetry after the Second World War. Exhibition organized by the IVAM. The exhibition will also have as headquarters l'Espai d'art A. Lambert and the exhibition hall of the Museum of Xàbia

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Audition of wind and string orchestras


Hora inicio: 17:30 - Hora fin: 19:00

Zone : Music Conservatory

By the students of "Conservatori Professional de Música de Xàbia".

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