Festivities in honour of Jesus of Nazareth

25/04/2019 al 03/05/2019

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Zone : Xàbia Històrica

From 25th of April until 3rd of May. Festivities with music performances, fireworks displays, "mascletà" firecracker show, flower crosses ... (separate programme). Bull running: from April, 25th until May, 3rd.


Bous al carrer (Running of bulls)

25/04/2019 al 28/04/2019

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Zone : Pl. Convent (Convent Square)

From 26 to 29 April, Bull Arena tickets, running of Bulls, Jesús Nazareno Holiday Festivities.



01/02/2019 al 05/05/2019

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Zone : Casa del Cable

Exhibition of Lucebert (Amsterdam, 1924 - Alkmaar, Netherlands, 1994) one of the most fascinating creative artists in Europe of the last seventy years, and a crucial figure in the rebirth of Dutch poetry after the Second World War. Exhibition organized by the IVAM. The exhibition will also have as headquarters l'Espai d'art A. Lambert and the exhibition hall of the Museum of Xàbia

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Xàbia Folk 2019 - MUJERES CON RAÍZ


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Zone : Santa Llúcia (St. Lucy) Hermitage

They present their album "Las edades de la vida", a well-deserved tribute to the traditional female voice, which owns a large part of the oral heritage of the peninsular southeast. Voices of intimate and familiar songs, of task in the field, of songs of celebration ... women who musicalized all the ages of the life. Components: Carmen María Martínez Salazar (voice and castanets), Mari Cruz Sánchez López (voice), Tomás García Martínez (guitar, tambourines and choirs), Juan José Robles Mayol (guitar, guitar, lute, bandurria and choirs), R. Enrique González Sáez (percussions and choirs). XÀBIA FOLK 2019

Musik Free

El mar - Oscar Bento

16/03/2019 al 30/04/2019

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Zone : Isabel Bilbao Galeria

Oscar Bento makes a new proposal on the theme of the Mediterranean Sea, which surrounds Jávea/Xàbia, where he lives and from where he spots Formentera, the island that he likes to visit whenever he can. The endlessness lights and sensations that are permanently perceived turns the sea in an unlimited source of inspiration and a challenge in every attempt to paint it.  


Photographies and sculptures

13/04/2019 al 25/05/2019

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Zone : Yacht Club

From Vicente Doménech (Xàbia Meravellosa) and José L. Palazón.


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