Cubalinda Cabaret


Hora inicio: 21:00 - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Recoleto Creative

A modern tribute to Cuban and Latin music. Dance to the tune of a latin cabaret with Cuban singer Roxanna Reyes and Spanish DJ and producer Falomir A musical journey that will take you through different rhythms & styles At RECOLETO Creative amidst contemporary art from our 2021 lineup. Register at https://es.recoleto.com/event-details/cubalinda-cabaret.  

Musik Precio 45€

XÀBIA NEGRA - 4th Black Novel Festival and more

29/10/2021 al 31/10/2021

Hora inicio: Ohne Angabe - Hora fin: Ohne Angabe

Zone : Place to be determined

All information on the events of Xàbia Negra can be found on the following website: www.xabianegra.com

Freizeit Free

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